Sibus / About

Keep it simple!

"When it is too difficult"

Actually this was the thought, which meant that we began organising meetings between business people and professional advisers back in 2013. At our business meetings, we quickly confirmed what we in fact already suspected, namely that lasting business relationships are built primarily on trust and interpersonal chemistry.

Our idea was to make it easier and faster for companies and business people to meet. A small group consisting of a lawyer, an IT man, creative people within marketing and PR and of course an ex-accountant ventured out to solve the problem.

We developed and adapted the concept "Get 3 Offers" for the B2B market. Today, we are called Sibus | Simplicity in Business and after 3 years we're active in 4 countries and eager to help a lot more companies based on the same recipe.

Our areas of speciality

The Sibus platform was started in May 2014 and has since then specialised in helping companies to get in touch quickly with skilled and reputable advisers.

We listen to our clients and share our experiences and insight with them before we start looking for the right accountant, auditor, tax adviser or lawyer.

Our mission

Sibus makes it easier for companies to meet - we create "Simplicity in Business". We provide free assistance to serious clients and make it cheaper for our dedicated partners to achieve good results.

We increase market transparency, make it easier and create improved profitability for both clients and partners.